bloom because you got planted

all karma-dillo greeting cards come out of my life quest to find a deeply meaningful path and to create visual memories of this.

often a new card design begins with an old quote; an idea that has lived in the hearts and minds of people for ages. when i read the original words i can sometimes see a contemporary interpretation with fresh, new meaning.

often i find that the contemporary interpretation is funny and sharing it helps create a wave of inspiration and greater appreciation for life. it speaks to our desire for encouragement and guidance and helps us to laugh at ourselves. 

that in a nutshell is what i do at karma-dillo. create beautiful ways to share inspiration, gratitude and laughter.


we have all heard the words, 'bloom where you are planted". they've nourished our determination to boldly face the  challenges of life no matter what environment we are in.

reading this today, i feel i am no longer content to accept the environment i have been planted in, i must have more appreciation for the many opportunities that i have, to grow and possibly even blossom.

i am engaged everyday in resolving the issues that living here, on the earth, create. heading into the unknown, spinning at incomprehensible speed and grasping for ways to counter environmental devastation and mass stupidity...

i find i am simply grateful for the opportunity to bloom at all. 

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