our story

hello! i'm charlene, the woman who makes karma-dillo greeting cards. i've had this dream job since 2007. 

i began printing beautifulthinks (click to view) on my home laser printer and selling in local stores and markets on salt spring island. first they were all buddha and granola and lotus flowers and then they started to feature unicorns and f bombs... you would be surprised how much those west coast island hippies swear! 

beautifulthinks are artisan, hand finished greeting cards with a signature island sensibility in every detail including their recycled envelopes and messages that advocate harmonious relationships with the earth and other beings. beautifulthinks are full of beauty and they are perfect for sharing with all the special people in your life.

in 2017 i introduced the karma-dillo series called fuck & rainbows (click to view). these curiously uplifting greeting cards bring recreational swearing to whole new level. they are punchy and cute and they swear like real life! these are NOT your Granny's Greetings!

all karma-dillo greetings are digital reproductions of my watercolor illustrations that are still created in my home studio then are printed locally on robust FSC card stock with colourful, recycled envelopes and come with NO plastic packages because it's 2020 and we all know plastic is stupid. 


not your Granny's Greetings.