our story

as long as you live in this world, you are subjected to the chaos, the ups and downs, the good and bad, the positives and the negatives of life.

what is important is how you will choose to deal with these experiences... 

we highly recommend laughter, honesty (especially self honesty) and appreciation of what IS.

it’s simple. and beautiful. and sometimes gruelling torturous punishment.

we call it karma-dillo, the swirling chaos of events that occur because life is not fair and sometimes karma sucks!

hello! i am charlene, the woman behind karma-dillo greeting cards. i have been creating karma-dillo graphics and illustrations since 2007. 

there have been a few incarnations since then, including beautifulthinks, which are a positive, appropriate and very beautiful series of greeting cards available here.

karma-dillo greeting cards are my original designs paired with my favourite quotes and some special editing techniques we use to add a feeling of gender equality.

first i make these greetings and prints for myself and then i make hundreds of them for you because you matter too!

karma-dillo greeting cards include:

the fuck and rainbows series which are 5" x 5" digital reproductions of my water colour illustrations and graphics, printed on robust FSC card stock with colourful, square envelopes and NO plastic packages because it is 2019 and we know plastic is stupid. 

some greeting cards have all the fun . . . karma-dillo!